About Me

At the age of 26, I thought I had everything I wanted. A house, a dog, a partner, a good job, what more could I possibly ask for? But in June 2015, that all fell apart. My world was turned upside down, I found myself living back with my parents and questioning all the decisions I had made over the last 7 years. It was tough, there were times I wasn’t sure I would make it out of the darkness, but one thing shone a light at the end of the tunnel. One thing kept me holding on and fighting to achieve. Travel.

My name is Kate, I am from England, and my biggest passion in life is to travel.

From a very early age, I was curious about the world. My Uncle had set off on a round the world trip, and sent me a post card from every town, city, country he visited. The excitement that these post cards brought was indescribable. I had a map of the world on my bedroom wall and would stick a pin (literally) into the map to track his journey. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! And he was my inspiration. I was lucky enough as a child to visit Australia and Bali with my family, which only deepened my desire to see the world. As an adult, when I felt like I had nothing left, travelling was still there, patiently waiting for me.

So here I am, living the dream and travelling the world, I hope I can try and share some of my experiences with you through this blog.

A few other things…
I LOVE animals, all kinds, I’m not picky, but especially baby ones!
Alice in Wonderland is my favourite book
I really like dinosaurs